In 2015, the Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society (ANZBMS) published a Position Paper on Secondary Fracture Prevention (SFP) Programs.

We have known for three decades that up to half of hip fracture patients break another bone before breaking their hip. Furthermore, analysis of prospective cohort studies has shown that a previous fracture history is associated with a doubling of risk of any fracture, compared with individuals without a prior fracture.

Yet, in the absence of a systematic approach, the majority of fragility fracture sufferers in Australia, New Zealand and other countries receive neither osteoporosis assessment, and treatment where warranted, nor interventions to reduce falls risk.

The ANZBMS Position Paper proposed a solution to this pervasive and persistent post-fracture care gap through the widespread implementation of SFP Programs, also known as Fracture Liaison Services (FLS).

In order to support healthcare professionals, health administrators and policymakers, ANZBMS has developed a comprehensive suite of freely available resources relating to all aspects of SFP Program implementation.